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Prometheus Energy supplies Seneca Resources first dedicated 100% LNG-Fueled drilling rig

May 2014         Prometheus Energy Advances LNG Fuel Solutions with Ensign United States Drilling

December 2013

Prometheus Energy & Apache  Corp Expand LNG Footprint in Drilling & Completion OPS
Displacing Diesel: The Rising Use of Natural Gas by Onshore Operators                                   Why we're entering a stage of rapid growth
LNG in Mine Haul Vehicles       Find out how we're helping mining operations succeed
Natural Gas Fuel for Drilling & Hydraulic Fracturing         Economics to provide technologies, equipment and services driving innovation and commercialization.





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Fuel Savings Calculators

Prometheus Energy offers alternative fuel solutions utilizing liquefied natural gas to displace diesel, propane and other crude oil derived fuels allowing customers the opportunity to realize immediate fuel savings and reduced air emissions. To support our customers’ analysis of different fuel options, Prometheus has developed a suite of tools to support a high level analysis. Please use the below tools to support your evaluations. Additionally, please feel free to request additional or customized tools as needed.


LNG Conversion Calculator

LNG Conversion Calculator

Fracturing Calculator

Fracturing Calculators

Dual Fuel Model

LNG Conversion Calculator

Drilling Calculators

Dual Fuel
Dedicated NG


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LNG:  A Profitable Fuel

Prometheus Energy has the ability to reduce fuel and operational costs by converting to a cleaner, lower cost LNG alternative.




LNG:  A Cleaner Solution

Prometheus Energy provides a more affordable and cleaner fuel resulting in lower fuel costs and reducing the environmental impact.



Industrial Plant LNG
Fuel Conversion

Prometheus Energy worked closely with Kleen, Inc. to
supply LNG to their central processing facility.