• Commercial and Industrial:
    Prometheus provides turnkey solutions to Commercial and Industrial customers who want to convert their existing power generation or thermal processing facilities from propane or oil derived fuel products to clean natural gas. Prometheus’ team works with customers with to define the optimum fueling solution that ensures safety and reliability. Customer sites include on-site storage and regasification systems. Projects are supported with field staff working with our logistics department to ensure LNG is always available when needed. Typical project profiles start with displacing a minimum of 1000 gallons of diesel or supporting heating loads greater than 500 MMBTU per day.
  • Pipeline Outage Support:
    Prometheus has supported pipeline customers meeting compliance requirements for routine integrity tests, temporary repairs, and capital upgrades. Projects are temporarily in nature, may have multiple injection points, and require significant LNG supply, mobile storage and vaporization capacity on site to meet instantaneous and sustained demand requirements. Optional odorization systems can be deployed with the Prometheus’ LNG service based on project requirements.
  • Gas Utility Support:
    Similar to Prometheus support services for pipeline customers, Prometheus gas utilities support services provide LNG and turnkey services to augment local gas utility supply during cycles where local infrastructure may be constrained. Working with our customers, daily and seasonal demand cycles are forecasted. LNG supply, on-site storage and regasification systems are deployed to designated injection points providing pressure support and volumes necessary for utilities to meet their obligations or help seed markets when new infrastructure is being constructed.
  • Exploration and Production:
    Prometheus Energy has pioneered the use of LNG as an economically and environmentally favorable alternative to diesel fuel for various drilling and pressure pumping applications. Prometheus deploys mobile LNG storage and vaporization adjacent to a rig’s dedicated natural gas or bi-fuel gen-set, providing a reliable, clean and consistent source of natural gas. This LNG project provides the same mobility as diesel, while also providing significant economic savings and material emission reductions (NOx, CO, VOC). Prometheus Energy has been the dedicated LNG fueling supply solution for over 3200 wells throughout North America. Prometheus’ deep understanding of customer requirements has allowed it to operate safely while successfully managing the cadence required to meet drilling and completion schedules, rig and pressure pumping fleet moves and changing supply requirements on daily, weekly and monthly schedules.
  • Remote Power Generation:
    Prometheus support of remote power generation is unmatched. By definition, remote power generation projects are off-grid and off-pipeline. The requirements may be permanent or temporary. Project durations vary in based on economics, timing and available access to regional line power or pipeline gas. LNG often becomes the permanent solution by providing the best quality gas and the most available and economic gas supply in the region.
  • Minehaul and Extraction Support:
    Mining and quarrying operations consume extreme quantities of fuel to power mining trucks, power shovels, haul fleets, boilers, roasters, heaters, kilns, crushers and other processing equipment. In addition, mining operations are typical in remote locations, with limited fuel options beyond crude-derived products. Prometheus Energy has been helping mining companies save money with custom built LNG fueling solutions since 2010. Our custom built LNG fuel solutions allow mining operators to displace high cost diesel consumption with lower cost LNG and further enjoy the environmental benefits of a lower emissions profile.

    The energy demands of mining are varied. The boilers, dryers, ovens, autoclaves and roasters that produce process heat all demand energy. The stationary engines, turbines and boilers used in power generation all need to be fueled. The giant mine-haul trucks that ferry raw materials around are also energy intensive. Whether used for process heat, power generation or as a vehicle fuel, natural gas provides a route to major bottom-line cost reductions and significant emissions reductions.

  • Wholesale LNG Supply:
    Prometheus ability to source LNG supply from various LNG production facilities across North America is unmatched. With our national footprint, experienced logistics team and fleet of cryogenic LNG transports, we provide assurance of LNG supply from multiple sources with flexibility in delivery schedules. Prometheus has access to > 20 LNG production facilities in North America, has made more than 17,000 truck deliveries with 99.9% delivery reliability.
  • Other High Horsepower Applications:
    As the use of natural gas in North America become more important as a fuel because of its abundancy, low costs and environmental benefits, applications using natural gas as a fuel will increase. Many energy intensive or high horse power applications that will reduce energy costs and environmentally benefit from converting to natural gas will continue. Some of these are:

    • Universities, Hospitals, Data Centers
    • Locomotive
    • Marine fuel for container ships, tugs, cruise ships
    • Distributed power in support of remote communities
    • Asphalt production facilities
    • Agricultural heaters, dryers, heavy machinery, etc.

    Prometheus Energy’s proven track record with LNG supply, logistics and on-site equipment and technical support can help customers safely convert their facilities and consuming equipment to natural gas while reduce their environmental footprint and lowering their overall energy costs.